A depth of knowledge and experience with human movement and exercise training science

Dr. Shawn Fife

Dr. Fife's passion to better understand the human body and improve human performance has guided his academic pursuits including a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelor's of Exercise Science. His knowledge and understanding of the human response to exercise is beyond that of most coaches, and leads to superior training benefits and performance improvements for his athletes.

Dr. Shawn Fife PT, DPT
Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, Brigham Young University
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Eastern Washington University

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Problem Solving
Dr. Fife's years of clinical experience as a Physical Therapist have aided him in problem solving around the pitfalls of injuries, work, and life stresses.

In-depth Analysis
Proper testing and assessments provide the backbone to understanding one's strength, weaknesses and limiters. Dr. Fife's years of experience and study have allowed him to understand how to mold an athlete and express their potential.

More than training plans
Any coach can write a training plan, but one who can direct and find solutions when things don't go as planned is a critical asset.

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